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    The project activity that Harmonious Enterprise has implemented into their operations includes switching the fuel source from petroleum-diesel to pure biodiesel (B100). Biodiesel purchased and used by Harmonious comes from canola based oil and is recycled into biofuels. This requires no modification to the existing diesel internal combustion engines which allows the project to offer the most similar services (Kilojoules of energy to power transportation) as what would be offered in the baseline scenario, fossil-diesel; Biodiesel differs slightly from petroleum-diesel in that biodiesel has approximately 8% less energy content. The use of biodiesel decreases the amount of emissions associated with company transport when compared to the baseline scenario which includes the use of petroleum -diesel. Biodiesel used by Harmonious was manufactured from a renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic source of waste vegetable oil creating very small amounts of CO2e emissions when compared to petroeum-diesel. The carbon emissions associated with biodiesel are biogenic and from a waste-derived fuel source, as opposed to petroleum-diesel, which results in emission of new carbon that was not already actively cycling in the biosphere.

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