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The Community Carbon Marketplace (CCM) is an online market where community carbon credits (C3s) can be listed for sale and purchased by individuals, corporations and municipalities to offset their carbon footprint. These C3s are created through initiatives that reduce GHG emissions (such as switching fleets to biofuel or electric vehicles, organics diversion/composting projects, etc.) and can then be sold to local governments and public sector organizations that are looking for community-based offsets to meet their Climate Action Charter and Carbon Neutral Government commitments.

Local Government

For local governments committed to achieving carbon neutrality by investing in the growth of a sustainable local economy. Start here to learn more about how the CCM program can benefit your community.



Has your business or community organization taken actions that reduce GHG emissions? GHG reduction projects that reduce energy use, switch to renewable biofuels or electric vehicles, and divert organic waste to compost may now be eligible for additional revenues through the sale of community carbon credits.

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Do you want to support local green initiatives, encourage sustainable business practices and reward actions that reduce GHG emissions with an investment that also reduces your own carbon footprint? You have arrived. Welcome to the Community Carbon Marketplace!

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